DIY Firewood not far from Byford

I recently took my trailer and a chainsaw down to the Public Firewood Area in Jarrahdale. It’s about 25 minutes drive from the closest part of Byford.

The wood is Jarrah which is one of the best for slow-burning firewood. Some of the wood has obvious charcoal edges from a fire that must have gone through the are in recent years. At just $22 for a permit to fill up a trailer load, it’s not free but almost!

The next time that I go, I’ll take some photos so I can document it better. 

The map that the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions provide on their government website is extremely low resolution and not very clearly marked (see below map download).
I made a few wrong turns myself, trying to understand the map, but got there eventually.

To make it easier for you, I dropped a pin and have saved the coordinates so you can use the satnav on your phone (ie: WAZE or Google Maps app).

Here are the coordinates: 32.32996° S, 116.11962° E (or see below map. there is no “street number for the address because it’s just bush/forrest).

There is a small white sign on one of the side roads that is labelled “Public Firewood Area” but it’s easy to miss when driving past.  To get there, you can either drive down South Western Highway till the turn off at Jarrahdale road, or take Nettleton Road in Byford. Use the map below. 


Tip: Dont bring your dog! Apparently they bait the area with 1080 poison for foxes. It will kill your dog if eaten.

Also, just chop up the trees that are already dead and fallen. Chopping down a dead tree that is still standing causes damage to the trees around it and it can also be dangerous.


Public firewood Area map Jarrahdale
Public Firewood Area Map (click map to download 2-page PDF)
Almost free firewood not far from Byford in Jarrahdale

You can buy a permit to cut down firewood here:

Or you can purchase a permit from the Jarrahdale Post Office (open 7 days unless they change their trading hours).

More details are on the above government site…